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Donation Opportunities
There are many donation opportunities at Beth Israel Synagogue.
Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
The Rabbi's Discretionary Fund at Beth Israel is committed to caring for the needs of those in the Omaha Jewish Community. The many things that we may take for granted - such as paying rent and utilities, having food for Shabbat, or new eyeglasses - are the very things that the rabbis are able to discreetly provide to those in need. This fund is also used to subsidize Jewish experiences for youth.

Celebrate a birthday
Celebrate an anniversary
Commemorate a yahrzeit
Congratulate a friend
Consider sponsoring one of the following:

Shabbos Sheet - $18

Kids' Kiddush - $18

Sponsored Kiddush - $150
Kiddush includes sweet trays plus your choice of three special items: tuna salad, egg salad, deviled eggs, salmon salad, herring, cole slaw, hummus and pita, vegetables and dip, fruit tray or gefilte fish. Other items, such as kugel, cholent, meatballs, and Bagel Bin cake are available at an additional charge.

Sponsored Seudat Shlishit - $60
The third meal includes sweet trays and your choice of two special items (listed above). Other items, such as tacos, spaghetti or lox & bagels, are available at an additional charge.

Sponsored Shabbat Lunch - Starting at $500
The price of lunch is dependent upon your selected menu and number of people attending the lunch. The synagogue office is happy to assist in working with our caterer, Nancy Mattly of Culinary Services, to make a beautiful Shabbat lunch.

Other Donation Opportunities:

A leaf on the Tree of Life is a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate a milestone or commemorate a loved one.
Prices begin at $300. Tree of Life donations fund the Beth Israel Endowment Fund.

Celebrate with a Simcha Plaque!
Big birthday or anniversary? Birth of a child or grandchild? Bar or Bat Mitzvah in your family? SImcha plaques cost only $100.

Make an Addition to the Synagogue's Library - $500 and up
There are ongoing needs for sets of texts and special volumes specific to classes that may be purchased for Beth Israel's library located in the Chapel.
Sponsor a Scholar-in-Residence Program - $2,500 to $5,000
Each year, we strive to bring scholars from around the United States and Israel to teach over a Shabbat at Beth Israel.
Provide Artwork for the Synagogue - $5,000 and up
The Interior Design committee of Beth Israel is interested in enhancing the artwork in the synagogue building, specifically in the entryway.
Endow an Annual Shabbat Lecture - $25,000 and up
At Beth Israel, it is traditional that the rabbi teaches a class every Shabbat prior to Havdalah. In many congregations, this class period is used as an opportunity to bring in speakers, giving them a more intimate venue for speaking to congregants.
Endow an Annual Scholar-in-Residence Program - $50,000 and up
An endowment of $50,000 would provide for an annual named Scholar-in-Residence program.

Please contact the synagogue office, 402-556-6288, to make donation arrangements.


1st day of the Omer
Pesach II

Thursday, 17th:
2nd day of the Omer
Pesach III (CH''M)

Friday, 18th:
3rd day of the Omer
Pesach IV (CH''M)
Candle Lighting:  7:49 PM

Saturday, 19th:
4th day of the Omer
Pesach V (CH''M)

Sunday, 20th:
5th day of the Omer
Pesach VI (CH''M)
Candle Lighting:  7:51 PM

Monday, 21st:
6th day of the Omer
Pesach VII

Tuesday, 22nd:
7th day of the Omer
Pesach VIII

Wednesday, 23rd:
8th day of the Omer

Thursday, 24th:
9th day of the Omer

Friday, 25th:
10th day of the Omer
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