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Financial Support
Raising a family is expensive, but being Jewish doesn't have to be.
Beth Israel Synagogue gives over $20,000 to each family with school-aged children!
Beth Israel pays $2,500 of the annual tuition at Friedel Jewish Academy for all primary member families.  Application deadline for the Friedel Tuition Grant is due April 1st of each year.

Beth Israel also provides subsidized youth shabbatons, matching funds for the Jewish Federation's Passport to Israel program (up to $2,000 per student) and provides camp scholarships for day camp and residential camp.  

For more information, contact the synagogue office at 402-556-6288 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
5th day of the Omer
Pesach VI (CH''M)
Candle Lighting:  7:51 PM

Monday, 21st:
6th day of the Omer
Pesach VII

Tuesday, 22nd:
7th day of the Omer
Pesach VIII

Wednesday, 23rd:
8th day of the Omer

Thursday, 24th:
9th day of the Omer

Friday, 25th:
10th day of the Omer
Candle Lighting:  7:57 PM

Saturday, 26th:
11th day of the Omer
Parashat Kedoshim

Sunday, 27th:
12th day of the Omer
Yom HaShoah

Monday, 28th:
13th day of the Omer

Tuesday, 29th:
14th day of the Omer
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