Welcome to Beth Israel 

A member of the OU - the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations - Beth Israel strives to perpetuate the legacy of Torah Judaism in the modern world and provide a home for those who wish to learn about and observe halacha, Jewish law. Beth Israel Synagogue welcomes all persons of the Jewish faith to join, and accepts the diversity of practice and thought among its members.

Order Your Delicious, Delectable Beth Israel Hamentaschen Now!

Just $8 per dozen! Apricot, poppy seed, 
strawberry, chocolate or assorted

Many thanks to Anna Goldberg for
chairing this great fund raiser! 
Orders due February 20
Volunteers needed for the baking crew on Friday, February 23rd, 8am-1pm, Saturday, February 24, 6-11pm. or Sunday, February 25, 5-10pm.  Please contact Anna Goldberg at (847) 722-0531 or angoldbe@gmail.com or (847) 722-0531 to volunteer. Pick up will be the week of February 26 during office hours.  


Weekly Learning Opportunities at Beth Israel

7:45 a.m. - Learning with Rabbi Ari
10-11 a.m. - Bagels & Beit Midrash
12-1 p.m.
Talmudic Tales with Rabbi Shlomo
9:30-10:45 a.m. - Women's Class with Rabbi Ari
12-1 p.m. - Jewish Ethics with Rabbi Shlomo @ UNMC
11:15 a.m. - Friday Learning Series with Rabbi Shlomo @ Kripke Library
20 minutes prior to Mincha
Insights into the Weekly Torah Reading with Rabbi Ari

Individual or group learning sessions also available. 
Talk to Rabbi Shlomo or Rabbi Ari to schedule.

Life and Legacy - Make your commitment today

How do you express your commitment to your community? How do you support the Jewish organizations that are important to you?  What can you do for future generations to ensure that they are well-served by the Jewish organizations you support?  You can leave a legacy.

Life & Legacy is a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and coordinated in Omaha through the Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation. Through Life & Legacy, Omahans are continuing to express their passion for sustaining the many Jewish programs and services by making a legacy commitment. The gift that you make today will ensure the financial stability of the Omaha Jewish community for generations to come. 

Please make your commitment to the future of Beth Israel Synagogue through the Life & Legacy program. For information on the Life & Legacy program, please contact the synagogue office at (402) 556-6288.   Additional information is also available on the Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation's website by clicking here.

Todah Rabah to the generous Life & Legacy partners
committed to the future of Beth Israel Synagogue.

Thu, January 18 2018 2 Shevat 5778