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Rabbi Henry Grodzinsky


Rabbi Henry Grodzinsky (1873-1947)
(Tzvi Hirsh Grodzensky)
Other spellings include Grodzinski, Grodzinsky, Grodzenski                                  

Date of death – December 31, 1947 – 18 Tevet 5708
Buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery which is located by Temple Israel Cemetery located at 6500 N 42nd St, Omaha NE<

Educated in Lithuania, arrived in Omaha in 1891, and was the first orthodox rabbi.  He wrote three books on Jewish law, the manuscripts of which are in Israel.  His hter Helen was the first social worker engaged by the Associated Jewish Charities, and his daughter Rose became a teacher.  His sons Manuel, a physician, and William, an attorney, changed their name to Grodinsky.

Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Overlooking the cemetery 

Cemetery entrance

Facing towards the grave

On the left when facing the cemetery entrance


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