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Rabbi Ari Dembitzer

In 2001, Hazzan Ari Dembitzer was invited to serve as Beth Israel's High Holiday Chazzan. From that very first visit, he became a beloved member of the Beth Israel Family. He continued to return nearly every year, sharing his musical talents, love of Torah and incredible ruach with the congregation. He soon began referring to Omaha as "Home-aha'; considering Omaha his second home. 




 Over the years, Hazzan Ari became Rabbi Ari. After leading High Holiday services again in the fall of 2014, he was encouraged to apply for Beth Israel's open rabbinic position. In March 2015 Rabbi Ari, became Beth Israel's Senior Rabbi.

Rabbi Ari is from New York and has lived in Israel for the past several years in both Jerusalem and Kfar Adumin in the Judean Desert. He holds a master's degree in public administration from New York University's Wagner School of Public Affairs. He received rabbinic ordination from Mesivta Tefret Jerusalem, the yeshiva of Rabbi David Feinstein, son of Rabbi Moshe Feinstein. Since 1997, Rabbi Ari has worked at Camp Simcha. The camp, that operates under the umbrella organization called Chai Lifeline, is for children with cancer and different chronic illnesses. Camp Simcha provides a happy and magical environment for children so they can confront their challenges with increased strength and willpower.  He and his wife, Laura, have four children.

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Assistant Rabbi Mordechai Geiger

Originally from California, Rabbi Geiger embodies the warmth and energy of his West Coast roots. He received his smicha from Rav Yitzchak Berkowitz while studying in the Phoenix Community Kollel.


Beyond his dedication to spiritual growth, Rabbi Geiger finds balance and inspiration through two fascinating pursuits. An avid rock climber, he cherishes the thrill of scaling new heights and conquering challenges, much like the journey of faith we all embark upon. Additionally, Rabbi Geiger's musical talents extend to playing the guitar, a harmonious reflection of his desire to connect with spirituality through music.

Rabbi Geiger's journey is further enriched by his educational background, holding a Bachelor's in Behavioral Science and Human Services from Bellevue University. This academic achievement aligns seamlessly with his mission to guide and uplift our congregation, fostering deeper connections and understanding.

Joining Rabbi Geiger are his wife, Ayelet, and their daughter, Dassi. Ayelet brings her unique qualities and experiences to our community, and together, as a family, they symbolize unity, growth, and the values we hold dear.

Rabbi Geiger is thrilled to be in Omaha, eager to develop relationships and teach Torah.

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Sun, June 23 2024 17 Sivan 5784