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JYE BI - Jewish Youth Experience at Beth Israel

Welcome to the Jewish Youth Experience at Beth Israel - JYE BI.  Beth Israel’s model is based on the goal of developing passionate and knowledgeable Jews in a fun, content-based environment.  Giving kids the building blocks of Torah Judaism and showing the way to make those a part of their daily lives will be found throughout the JYE BI’s many activities.  

Shabbat Programming
10:30-11:15am - Classes for all ages
3-6 years old - Middot Class with Dr. Gendelman
7-11 years old  - Parsha Pearls with Mr. Gerber
12-17 years old  - Shmooz’ n Torah with Faige Jeidel
Matmidim - with Mr. Shrago
Teen Class - Approximately 12pm, following kiddush with Rabbi Ari
Tot Shabbat - 10:30-11:30am, the first Shabbat of the Hebrew month.  Organized and led by teens and Fiege Jeidel, Tot Shabbat will include kiddush, songs, and a story.  



Thu, October 29 2020 11 Cheshvan 5781