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JYE BI - Jewish Youth Experience at Beth Israel

Welcome to the Jewish Youth Experience at Beth Israel - JYE BI.  Beth Israel’s model is based on the goal of developing passionate and knowledgeable Jews in a fun, content-based environment.  Giving kids the building blocks of Torah Judaism and showing the way to make those a part of their daily lives will be found throughout the JYE BI’s many activities.  

Shabbat Programming
10:30-11:15am - Classes for all ages
3-6 years old - Middot Class with Dr. Gendelman
7-11 years old  - Parsha Pearls with Mr. Gerber
12-17 years old  - Shmooz’ n Torah with Faige Jeidel
Matmidim - with Mr. Shrago
Teen Class - Approximately 12pm, following kiddush with Rabbi Ari
Tot Shabbat - 10:30-11:30am, the first Shabbat of the Hebrew month.  Organized and led by teens and Fiege Jeidel, Tot Shabbat will include kiddush, songs, and a story.  

Sunday Programming
K through 6th Grades - 109-11:30am
Divided into two groups, Faige Jeidel and Sarah Abrahamson will teach mitzvot and middot, learning character traits, in a fun and exciting way with games, songs, and crafts.
PJ Library - First Sunday of each month - 10-11am - 3-6 years
Special PJ Library activity, just for tots, with stories and crafts, led by Hodaya and Rabbi Shlomo Abramovich.  

Monday Programming
7th-12th grades - Every other Monday
Teens will meet for fun, to chill and learn, and take part in activities led by Yaakov Jeidel and Rabbi Shlomo Abramovich.  

Sun, February 25 2018 10 Adar 5778