Adult Classes

Daily Classes

Daily Learning of Jewish Law and Jewish Thought following Sunday and weekday Shacharit services.

7:45 am Principles of Jewish Thought

Weekly Classes

One hour before Mincha - Insights into the Weekly Parsha: 
One hour before Mincha, delve into insights of the weekly Torah portion or upcoming holidays. Each week we read a new Torah portion and can see it in new light every time. 

9:45 am  Bagels and Beit Medrash: Understanding Our Prayers
Every Sunday morning meet after Shacharit to explore the depth of the prayers that our ancestors have saying for generations. It is an opportunity to familarize yourself with the prayers and add additional understanding as well.

12:00 pm  Talmudic Tales

Taught by Rabbi Shlomo Abramovich, the class will focus on Talmudic tales which are a great way to start to get to know to the Talmud.  The sessions will teach about its main characters and to reveal the wisdom and the values hidden in it.  Each class will stand on its own.  Each week we will learn a new tale, and we will go deeper and discuss its meaning and the philosophical lessons we can take from it.”

Thursday - Day of Learning
9:30 am  Women's Class: Deepening Our Connection with G-d
Explore Derech Hashem - the path of G-d by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto with Rabbi Ari in a weekly learning session. 

Tue, December 12 2017 24 Kislev 5778