Youth Classes


Weekly Youth Classes:

Scholar's Club for 6th Grade: Creating Tomorrow's Leaders
Together they will learn about Jewish life. It is an opportunity to learn together as they transform into young adults and the leaders of tomorrow.  

Avot U-Banim - Parent - Child Learning
Parents and children of all ages are invited to come learn as we explore lessons from Pirkei Avot. It is an exciting class where each person contributes their own understanding of the Mishnayot as we learn together and from each other. 

One-on-One Tutoring
Beth Israel Synagogue provides opportunities for weekly tutoring and/or other individualized educational plans for students in grades 3-6 who do not attend school at Friedel Jewish Academy. Beth Israel rabbis meet with individual families and students to determine what program/schedule of instruction is most appropriate for individual students. Sessions cover Hebrew reading, Chumash, and davening. 

Youth Shabbat Morning Class Schedule:

Aleph Beit
For all ages
This class is designed to teach how to read Hebrew from scratch. It will center on letter recognition, pronunciation, and emphasis on solid learning of vowels and rules that apply so that the student can become a functional Hebrew reader. It will also include working to read familiar prayers in a service that children need to know in order to participate in a Synagogue service. 

Tot Shabbat
Ages 1-6
This class is designed to offer younger children a taste of Shabbat through a meaningful story, parsha, Kiddush, and Shabbat and holiday songs.

Parsha and Midot
Ages 3-6

This class is designed to teach children about the Parsha and the ethical lessons that have been taught by our Sages. 

Girls, Ages 6 and older
This class is designed to look at the weekly Torah portion. It is an opportunity to discuss the text that serves as the basis for our beliefs and how it influences our lives. 

Parsha Class
Ages 6 and older
This class is designed to teach about what is happening in the Parsha every Shabbat or about what holiday is nearing. Emphasis is placed not only on teaching the Parsha, but also in teaching the Parsha as a part of the entire Torah and how it fits together as one continuous document in our history as Jews and in how we historically look at Traditional Judaism and not necessarily about what is happening on just any particular week. Holiday customs and practice are taught when appropriate. 

A-shrei-to-Z & Everything in Between
Ages 6 and older

Emphasis is designed on how to read prayers in a Synagogue setting and how to read and sing the familiar prayers and songs that occur in the Synagogue. This class is designed specifically with students in mind to try and build Hebrew reading skills and to teach prayers that are the most standard. This class will be user friendly for students who might need help with building on how to read as well as with students that may read fairly well but don't know the prayers. 

Tefillah & Parsha
Girls, Ages 6 and older

This class is designed to give girls a full understanding and comfort level with brachot and Shemona Esrei of Shabbat.

Topics of Jewish Life
Boys, Ages 11 and older

This class is designed to teach children about the important topics that affect their lives as youth that are involved in Judaism and synagogue life. 

Advanced Parsha Study
Boys, Ages 13 and older

This class encourages that participants to take a deeper look at the Parsha that is read every week by adding the great commentaries that have been written over the ages.

Teen Class
Grades 6 and older
This class is a time to delve into the weekly Torah portion as well as gain a deeper understanding and connection to the prayers that are said on Shabbat and on a daily basis. 



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